The Woman In The Mirror: A haunting gothic story of obsession, tinged with suspense (Kindle Edition) by Rebecca James

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Kindle Edition: 324 Pages.

Published: 14 June 2018 by HQ



Review by Debra Found

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Mediocre - Lacking Suspense

This is a book set in two time periods. We have 1947 when Alice Miller goes to remote Winterbourne in Cornwall to be a governess to twins. In the modern Day we have career driven Rachel who is going to Cornwall to see a legacy she has received from an unknown relative.

I found this book to be a mediocre ghost story. I could see far too many ghosts of other author's work - primarily Henry James' "Turn of the Screw" and Susan Hill. There are also echoes through other less well known ghost stories. Unfortunately I continually saw parallels as I read this book and ended up making comparisons. This did not live up to the aforementioned excellent works.

I read a lot of ghost stories and am familiar with the style. Yes, any gothic ghost story is going to have echoes of other works but it is up to the author to add enough of their own style to make their book unique and able to stand alone. I did not feel that this book did that.

As books go - leaving aside any comparisons - this is quite mediocre. I have seen it advertised as both horror and suspense but feel that it fell down on both these accounts. There was a lack of suspense. That certain something that keeps me glued and tense ready to jump was simply not there. I didn't find either Alice or Rachel particularly nice characters and didn't find myself caring about them. The supporting cast wasn't much better.

This was simply not a book for me. I found the writing mediocre & the suspense lacking. There are much better ghost stories out there than this - though I will also admit there are worse!

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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