The Clockmaker (Kindle Edition) by Ceri Williams and Drew Neary

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List Price: £3.99

Kindle Edition: 313 Pages.

Published: 29 April 2018 by Matador



Review by Debra Found

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Truly Gothic with Menacing Undertones

Annette and her young son are going to live in Scotland in the childhood home of Annette's husband, Gordon. It is just after WWII and Gordon has been killed in the war. They meet a strange, elderly gentleman who (in true gothic style) is not what he seems........

I must issue a warning to all prospective readers. This is the sort of book that leaves you with just as many questions at the end as at the beginning. They may not necessarily be the same questions but this is not a book which wraps up all the threads neatly.

This is definitely gothic with a touch of steampunk in there. The old man was a clockmaker and makes clockwork toys - well sort of anyway. The character of the old man slowly unfolds as the book progresses - who or what is he?

I enjoyed this book. It has some gothic, is a bit historical, has some supernatural and a touch (but only a touch) of horror. This is not a blood, guts and gore book but a clever unravelling of a story where the human characters are not the most unnerving.

There is a fantastic climax in this book. It is a movie makers dream. I won't describe it totally as we don't want spoilers but in a true gothic style it includes a dark hillside and a storm. I was fortunately enough to be reading this at a brass band practice. (strange but true) As the scene unfolded in the book the band started to play "Spirit of Brass" which rose to a crescendo in perfect timing with the climax of the book. It was excellent and I am sure heightened the tension & suspense of the scene. There is a lot to be said for having a soundtrack to books - maybe I should patent soundtracks for ereaders!

The book is well written. There are two contrasting atmospheres throughout the book - that of Duncan and his Mother who seem to be quite happily normal & then there are the dark undertones of which they are seemingly unaware. It really is well written.

I received a free copy of this book via Netgalley.

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