Meltdown! (Hardcover) by Jill Murphy

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List Price: £12.49

Hardcover: 40 Pages.

Published: 13 September 2016 by Candlewick Press (MA)

ISBN: 0763689262

EAN: 9780763689261

Review by Debra Found

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Not a Great Story

Mum is taking Ruby to the supermarket. At first Ruby helps with putting things in the basket but then starts behaving badly until finally she has a complete and utter meltdown and temper tantrum in the supermarket. Something all parents can relate to.

Firstly I should point out that I think there are two versions of this story. One with Roxy and grocery carts as shown in the book's descrption & one with Ruby and a shopping trolley. I think this is a sign that the publishers did actually provide an English and an American version of this book - fantastic!

I didn't really take to this book. Firstly I would hate to think that any child would read this book & think the behaviour was acceptable. A child could quite happily copy such behaviour. I also found Ruby's talking very irritating. Whatever her Mum said Ruby copied in a babyish manner - "Do It Properly" said Mum, "Prop'ly" said Ruby. This parroting happens all the way through the book and I found it irritating to read and frankly quite boring.

The illustrations are interesting with the text split up around the page.

I am afraid that I just didn't take to this story. It isn't one I found particularly interesting for a child and certainly not one I'd want to read to a childĀ  - I would worry about them copying the behaviour and the speech! I wonder if this book is really more as a sympathy gesture for all those adults who have been in this position.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.

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