Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe (Paperback) by Fannie Flagg

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List Price: £8.99

Paperback: 416 Pages.

Published: 02 April 1992 by Vintage

Edition: 1st Vintage Book Edition

ISBN: 9780099143710

EAN: 9780099143710

Review by Sara Eames

5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars (5 from a possible 5)

Lovely story

What can I say...I loved this book.  It is one of the best novels I've read so far this year.  The characters were well-written and the plot moved at a steady pace.  I enjoyed the way it jumped from past to present and back again and found it very easy to follow.  It is a poignant, bitter-sweet story with plenty of humour and excellent characters that I will, almost certainly, read again.

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