The Librarian (Hardcover) by Salley Vickers

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List Price: £16.99

Hardcover: 400 Pages.

Published: 26 April 2018 by Viking

ISBN: 0241321735

EAN: 9780241321737

Review by Debra Found

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Light Read with Some Smiles

Sylvia Blackwell moves to a small town to be the children's librarian. She has an odious boss who feels threatened by her capabilities. However she makes friends with the next door but one neightbours - the Hedge family, school teachers, some ladies from the WI, local children & the GP. Sylvia sets about making the library an integral part of the community.

I really liked the start of this. It almost felt like a Miss Read or Rebecca Shaw with the details of the community. There were nice characters, not so nice characters, a few laughs and some general ambling along. However then the book started to change with some accusations at the children Sylvia had befriended and Sylvia herself. The library was threatened with closure and the feeling in the town was less friendly and more antagonistic towards Sylvia. I wasn't quite so keen on this and would have preferred it to remain as a gentle book about a small town.

Sylvia herself was a nice enough character though she did seem to do some things that were very out of character at times ( I won't explain or I'll give the game away!). The local children were fun - the exhausting young twins and their precocious brother, Sam. Poor Lizzie who struggled from a difficult home and Marigold who struggled from a wealthy home.

Part two of this book looks at the people around 50 years later. I liked this idea and appreciated what the children had done with their lives. It was a very positive ending.

Although this book didn't turn out to be quite what I was expecting (or hoping for) I did enjoy it. It flowed well with many likeable characters. The focus on the children gave this a lighthearted outlook.

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