Right Behind You (FBI Profiler) (Hardcover) by Lisa Gardner

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List Price: £16.99

Hardcover: 368 Pages.

Published: 31 January 2017 by Headline

ISBN: 1472220323

EAN: 9781472220325

Review by Anne

5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars5.0 Stars (5 from a possible 5)

Gripping, clever and with excellent characterisation

In a note at the end of this novel the author says that she asked readers what character(s) she should include in her next novel and that she was surprised when they voted heavily for Quincy and Rainie who were the main characters in some of her earlier novels. I am not remotely surprised about this as I too had hoped that she would revisit this pairing because, having read all the novels in which they feature, I was invested in their lives and happiness. I am so pleased that she featured them in this excellent novel and fans will be delighted - I am pretty sure that readers new to the characters will have no problem following this novel as all her stories are stand-alone but the fans just get that extra enjoyment in seeing how things have evolved since previous books.

Quincy and Rainie are ex-law enforcement and now act as consultants to those who need their profiling expertise. They are called in by a local sheriff to assist following a murder and discover in the process that the mainĀ  suspect is the brother of the girl that they are planning to adopt and who was responsible for beating to death his parents some years before. What follows is an investigation and a man hunt where the investigators are following the clues to find Telly and discover why he has done what he has done. Of course, it is not straightforward and the author includes Sharlah's point of view and that of other characters to round it out. There are some nice twists, at least one of which I didn't anticipate, and the author writes intelligently about children who have experienced trauma - she doesn't fall into the "just love them and everything will be all right" trap.

I was gripped by this book from the beginning and the author held my attention to the end. It has clever plotting but the characterisation is what makes it exceptional for me. One very, very minor quibble - would a computer in a law enforcement office really not have some sort of password protection so that anyone left in the room could not use it ?

This is excellent reading and I highly recommend it and all the books featuring these characters. I would also like to suggest that the author includes Quincy's daughter Kimberley in the next book she writes as we've missed her too !

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